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Why Quality Products Are the Only Option for Lash Extensions Treatment & Microblading

21 Jun 2019 |

Why Quality Products Are the Only Option for Lash Extensions Treatment & Microblading

 We only get one pair of brows and lashes in our lifetime. How you treat these brows and lashes will completely dictate your appearance and natural beauty aura. That’s why we help you feel good in the skin you’re in, through comprehensive lash extension and eyebrow microblading treatments, available through both of our Lash Blossom salon locations in Sydney, Australia today.


We believe that you are naturally gorgeous all on your own. With a little lash and brow support, you can simply take it to the next level, batting eyes full of radiant, lush lashes that complement your perfectly shaped brows. It no longer matters if you were born with thick lashes or not – we can give them to you!


Of course, with something as important and critical as lashes and brows, you should never cut corners. Why? Your lashes and brows are possibly the first two things people will notice on your face. If you’re sporting cheap lashes that are falling out, it will make you look like some kind of doll that has been decorated – in the wrong way. Instead, you want to look naturally radiant, which starts with quality beautician products that we use here at Lash Blossom.


Why Are Quality Products the Only Way to Go?


  1. Your Face is Your Everything: First impressions are lasting impressions. Did you know we make first impressions in just 7-seconds? What are people seeing when they talk to you? Are they seeing high quality lashes that look completely natural, or are they seeing a fake set of lashes that look like they were glued on at the last second? You want to look gorgeous, natural, and professional in any setting, which is only possible with quality products.
  2. Quality Lashes Won’t Harm Your Real Lashes: When cheap lashes are used on your face, the gluing of their base can actually harm your real lashes underneath. As we mentioned, you only get one set of lashes in this lifetime, which is why you want to avoid this at all costs. With our quality lashes, you can rest assured they will never, ever harm the natural hairs and follicles on your face.
  3. You Deserve It: You work hard. Whether you’re a mom, wife, professional, friend, or just someone wishing to look their best, you deserve lashes and eyebrows that are a reflection of that. With our microblading services, we can give you the brows and the shape you have always deserved. It’s time to treat yourself!


To us here at Lash Blossom, quality products are the only option. We are an experienced and passionate team that want to change the world for the better. That starts with premium mink lashes and brows that were meant for you – and you alone!

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