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5 Reasons to Consider Russian Volume Lash Extensions

27 Dec 2018 |

So although you might be fully aware that eyelash extensions are available and a perfect addition to your daily appearance, have you ever stopped to consider the different kinds of eyelash extensions? We’re specifically talking about Russian Volume eyelash extensions, which were founded in Russia in 2010. When lash extensions were only adding length to lashes and not a “fullness,” beauticians wanted to do something about it.

 The result was Russian Volume lashes, helping almost everyone to give off the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes. With this technique, 2 to 6 lashes are combined and added to one natural lash, using an incredibly lightweight lash procedure that creates a “fanned out” lash look.

 If you’re looking to bolster up the thickness and appearance of your lashes, here’s 5 reasons to consider using Russian Volume:

 1. Fill in the Gaps:

Almost everyone has thinned out lashes attached to their eyes. If you have gaps in-between lashes, even if they are long and curled, you can fill in those gaps with Russian Volume. Creating a fluffy and softer look to the lashes, now your natural shape will be fuller and easier to spot, giving you a radiant glow.

  1. Safe to Use:

Due to the lightweight nature of the Russian Volume lash, these lashes are a safer option for your original lashes. With less weight and pressure on your lashes, they are less likely to damage your follicles or pull out any lash hairs. It’s less stressful on you!

  1. Darker Radiance:

Since Russian Volume are voluminous and thick, they add a natural darkness to your lashes, making it look like you have a full set of mascara on anywhere you go. Now, you never have to worry about sprucing up your lashes again, arriving to work, home, or on a date already looking fabulous.

  1. Daily Convenience:

For anyone tired of waking up in the morning, brushing their lashes, applying mascara, and curling the lashes, having Russian Volume integrated into your appearance will save you hours of prep time every single week. Now you can even go to the gym and know that you look great, taking a shower and returning back to work without having to go through the makeup process. It’s effortless beauty at all times.

  1. Saves You Money:

Women spend an inordinate amount of money on makeup every single month. Although the upfront cost for the lashes will be notable, over-time, saving on buying mascara, curlers, curling gel, and even eyeliner will seriously add up. It’s a one-and-done expense that can work with any kind of budget. Yes, it really saves you money.

 Russian Volume Lashes at Lash Blossom

We are passionate about providing the latest lash extension techniques here at our lash boutique. That’s why we want you to know about the possibility of Russian Volume lashes, expertly administered by our experienced technicians. Feel free to come in today for your own consultation!


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