At Lashblossom we are using the best products on the market as well as having the highly skilled and trained lash stylist over 10 years experience. Our mission statement is to provide the true quality services & stylish design to become the leader in eyelash fashion in Australia.
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 Lash Blossom Reviews 

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I have only had eyelash extensions once about 3 years ago and the lashes I had were uncomfortable and fell off within one week. I hesitated to get eyelash extensions because of that bad experience. I have been a bit lazy and not washing off my mascara before I went to bed and as a result broke my eyelashes in half and looked like I had none.
I googled eyelash extensions and found Blossom Eyelash Extensions with excellent reviews and I thought I would give it one more try. 

I have been more than happy, in fact delighted with my lashes. I cannot feel them at all and they felt like my own eyelashes straight away. I no longer need to use damaging mascara and even with no makeup on, I still look like I have my face made up.

I had a family tragedy about 3 days after my eyelash extensions and was crying a lot, I thought my lashes would fall off because of the contestant crying, but to my surprise, they stayed on. 

I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Had my first lash lift ever done here and absolutely loving it. I usually need an arsenal of lash curler and heavy duty waterproof mascara to achieve a curl (which usually drops within a few hours anyways). Now it's super effortless and my lashes look so much longer than before. 
The ladies here were absolutely lovely and took care of me from beginning to end, will definitely be back!. 


I had my very first eyelash extensions applied by Angela. I was incredibly nervous as it was my first time getting them done. Angela was so lovely throughout the process, she took time to explain thoroughly the entire process and list of options. Considering how nervous I was when I first arrived, Angela had me completely relaxed within 5 minutes! The ultimate professional with impeccable customer service skills. Very much looking forward to my next visit. Anyone needing eyelash extensions should only visit Lash Blossom.


The best lashes I've ever had!! Staff are so friendly and helpful. The care about their job and it gives you the best result! They're so gentle as well and it's so relaxing! Definitely recommend to anyone! I came all the way from port Stephens just to have my lashes done


Had my first lash lift, lash tint and eyebrow tint with Lin and the results were amazing! She was very professional and friendly. I was also followed up with a text message offering to answer any questions i might have about post-care etc. I will definitely be returning again and highly recommend Lash Blossom!


The customer service provided by Lin was amazing and the lash lift was beyond my expectation. I had the lash tint service as well, it made such a huge difference to my eyes. It's totally worth the price <3


This was my first experience having eyelash extensions and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. After stalking their instagram feed for weeks, I've made a appointment with Lin from Lash Blossom. WOW. Just wow! From their customer service and to listening to what I want. I now have amazing eyelashes, they look so natural and so so pretty.


I went in Lash Blossom with lashes totally ruined cause of a previous bad extension experiences. But thanks to Lash Blossom, they gave me some very good advice and the help me to get beautiful new eyelashes extension. Pretty natural ! They did a very nice job ! I recommend Lash Blossom definitely !
It was my first time to do my lashes. I didn't know what I wanted, but they helped me decide what was best for my look and they didn't disappoint me. The staff were great! Haghly recommended.


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