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5 Reasons to Get a Lash Lift in 2020

15 Jul 2019 |

5 Reasons to Get a Lash Lift in 2020

 As the New Year approaches, it’s time to rethink your appearance and everything you want to change in the coming months. Not only is 2020 a brand new start, it’s also the beginning of a new decade, one in which you can make a commitment to your appearance, professionalism, and overall confidence.

We’re here to make the case for a lash lift – something you may not have considered for revolutionising your overall look and style.

 Here are 5 reasons to get a lash lift in 2020:


  1. No Ongoing Maintenance:

The point of a lash lift is that it’s a one-and-done kind of treatment. After you’re done with the eyelash extensions, you can count on long, voluminous lashes every single morning you wake up. As a result, you no longer need to go through your expensive and lengthy makeup routine each morning before you get started with your day. Goodbye ongoing maintenance!


  1. Natural Lash Tinting:

Lash lifts not only thicken your lashes; they also make your lashes look darker, too. The natural tinting removes the makeup requirement throughout the day, so you can count on dark, prominent lashes through everything you do. Finally, it’s less pressure on you and your beauty routine.


  1. Enhanced Beauty:

Instead of getting invasive surgeries or other kinds of procedures that aim to alter the shape and composition of your face, a lash lift enhances your already natural beauty. It’s a very subtle, easy, and yet noticeable treatment that will make you look more beautiful with effortlessness. Friends and family won’t be able to pinpoint what you have done.


  1. Long-Lasting Results:

Lash lifts last between 6-8 weeks before you need to come in and have them redone. That’s two-full months without any kind of makeup requirements or upkeep. It’s a very easy appointment you can accommodate every few months, placing it within your busy schedule in a way that is convenient for you.

  1. No Damage Incurred:

Lash lifting has been perfected to ensure no natural lash damage or alteration after you’re done with the appointment. Therefore, you can enjoy enhanced lashes without worrying about the natural health and shape of your own lashes. Switch between lash lifts and natural lash appearance with ease.

Lash Blossom

Here at Lash Blossom, we believe that something as easy and natural as a lash lift can completely transform your face, appearance, and natural confidence at the start of the New Year. It’ll make your schedule easier, quicker, and even cheaper, as the need for eyelash products diminishes instantly.

If you’re looking for a way to change your look in 2020, consider the power of a lash lift. Give us a call – or sign up for our eyelash technicians courses – today.


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