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Russian Volume Lashes, why it is so popular

12 Aug 2019 |

Russian volume lashes

Long, thick, cat eye Kardashian lashes are one of the most requested lash set without a doubt. So why is this trend so popular and how is it achieved? This brings us to today’s topic, Russian Volume lashes!

What are Russian Volume lashes?

 Originating in Russia, volume lashes are hand made during the application creating a fan bouquet using tweezers and ultra lite and fine individual lashes. This is a process that requires experience and precision.

The bigger the fan, the fuller the lashes will be. They can range from 2D up to 8D and sometimes more. 2D means 2 lashes per one natural lash, 3D 3 lashes per one natural lashes and so forth.

Why are they different to classic lashes?

 Classic lashes are applied by one extension to one natural lash and can create amazing results making it so attraction to ditch the mascara and commit to lash extensions but the majority of our clients have pushed the natural lashes to the max. Adjusting the length, the thickness and the shape making their natural lashes weak but they find themselves still not satisfied and wanting MORE.

This is where volume lashes come into play.


Russian lashes are heavier than single lashes?!

Most people that do not have much knowledge about this process mistake the lashes used for this service as the same that are used for single lash application. This is incorrect. The average weight for a single lash is 0.15 or 0.18, Russian volume lashes are commonly 0.05- considerably lighter making it possible to apply multiple lashes to one natural lash. The results are a dark, fluffy, full looking lash line.

Why are they expensive?

Along with beautifully attractive lashes does come a price tag slightly higher than single classic lash set but the skill set is much higher than what is required for single lashes. Typically the lashes used for Russian sets are of a better quality which means they are more expensive to buy therefore the price has to be in alignment with that too.

Along with almost all services these days it has been more accessible for people with no training to offer this service. Resulting in us having occasions where new clients have visited us with exisiting ‘Russian Volume’ lashes and unfortunately they have been poorly applied causing damage to the natural lashes. It is so important to do your research, if the price is cheap there is usually a reason.

In our opinion Russian Volume lashes were the best thing to have hit the beauty industry after all, is less really more?!

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