The Lash Blossom Intro to Eyelash Extension Course

We have built up a reputation of providing only the best lash product and lash extensions today, utilizing our skilled technicians and their experience to approach each and every face with a bespoke commitment.

Our commitment is so solidified that we have even secured a feature in the Lifestyle Guide as a “go-to” place for lash extensions. Not to mention, due to our customer service policy, we have a 5-star Google review and Yelp review profile, providing you with plenty of reviews to sift through if you are feeling nervous about a lash extension appointment.

Our technicians are so experienced and steeped in the industry that to date, they have integrated over 15,000 sets of eyelash extensions, ranging from single lashes to 6D Russian volume. That’s why we know what works and what doesn’t work, and we’re ready to provide educational training that positions you as a lash extension specialist in your niche industry. 

Specific to beginner training course:

Lash Blossom classic lash extensions

The Lash Blossom training course will commence from the beginner course –Lash Blossom classic lash extensions designed for those with little or no experience. You will learn theory along with hands on experience.

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Lash Blossom Trainer – Yeong


Here at Lash Blossom, we only bring in the most talented lash technicians that we can find to support us and our students in all of our lash extension training courses. Today, you can have the opportunity to meet Yeong, one of our most talented trainers.

About Yeong

Yeong received her Certificate of Eyelash Extension in South Korea. With more than 10 years of experience in performing various eyelash extension techniques, Yeong is highly skilled, experienced, and professional in her career. Ever since she arrived here in Australia, she’s continued to build her expertise, knowledge, and practice in applying eyelash extensions through various techniques, and she’s become one of our most talented trainers.

Yeong is highly trained in classic lash extensions, Russian volume lashes, and our signature Lash Lift process. She’s been a manager here at Lash Blossom since 2017, and has been a proud Lash Blossom Trainer for all of our employees since she began working with us.

Most recently, Yeong became a Lash Blossom Course Trainer back in 2018. For the last two years, she’s worked passionately with our students to ensure they’re able to learn the necessary skills and techniques to learn advanced eyelash extension techniques.

As a detailed and technical trainer, Yeong is constantly focused on ensuring that her students acquire the proper form and technique when performing different services. As a good listener, Yeong is always looking to provide feedback, answer questions, and lend her advice and expertise. With years of experience in her practice, Yeong is always proud to lend her knowledge and expertise to help her students grow.

As passionate as they come, Yeong is constantly researching new beauty trends, so that she can grow her own knowledge, expertise, and skill level. Yeong is constantly working to expand upon her current skillset, so that she can offer new solutions to her customers at Lash Blossom, and her students in all of her courses.

Aside from her work as a Lash Blossom Manager and Trainer, Yeong has a long history of teaching. Back in her home country of Korea, Young taught mathematics for more than 10 years. Today, she points back to that experience as the guiding force behind her ability to connect with her students and provide a safe, fun, informative, and collaborative training environment, in which learning can thrive.

Yeong is available to teach all of our courses. Be on the lookout to see which course has a free opening for you to join.

2 day Beginner Classic Eyelash Extension Course

Learn our Classic lash extensions designed for those with little or no experience.

2 Day Classic Beginner Course
Cosmetic Tattoo Course- Coming Soon!! 

Click below to enquiry about our upcoming Cosmetic Tattoo Course

Cosmetic Tattoo Course Enquiry
2 day Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Course

Our Master Class for Russian Volume -for those who have completed our Beginner Course or already have experience as a lash technician 

2 Day Russian Volume Course
Our Eyelash Extension Course Packages

Our course packages designed to give you extra value

Lash Extension Course Packages
Lash Lift Course

In this intensive course, you'll learn all about the theory and application of performing our signature Lash Lifts

Lash Lift Course
One on One Eyelash Extension Course to take your skills to the next level

Enquiry about our personalised one on one Training to take your skills to the next level.

One on One Training

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